Dr. R. Timothy Jones

Believer - Husband - Father - Pastor - Author - Professor - Activist - Servant - Friend


My Family

Sherbrina and I have been married since Thanksgiving Day, 1997. A graduate of Southern University, She is a registered nurse and enjoys painting, dancing, and community service. We are proud parents of three awesome children - Timothy (21), Titus (16), and Mauri (8). Our family loves traveling, quality time, and eating (LOL!).

The Peaceful Rest Missionary Baptist Church

My Family of Faith

The Peaceful Rest Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1953 by the late Reverend Dr. J. D. Thomas. With the reach of our ministry extending both locally and globally, our mission is to make disciples who grow, serve, and care. It has been our joy to serve The Family of Faith since November, 1994.

A Silver and Gold Celebration


November, 2019 will mark 50 years of life and 25 years of service at Peaceul Rest. Stay tuned to hear plans for this celebration.